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Wine is the first thing that many will think about when they think of California, but the state is so much more than that. Residents and visitors alike are mesmerized by the variety of experiences and places to visit in the Golden State. Whether you breathe in the salty air of the sea, the pine groves of the mountains and forests, or the blooming ocotillo in the desert, California has a destination that will captivate and enchant you.

Visit The Coastline Cities

California has 840 miles of coastline to tempt those who love the sea, and California’s coastal cities do not disappoint. Head to Los Angeles to visit the Santa Monica Pier where you can take a ride on the solar-powered Ferris wheel. If you are looking to get some breathtaking views, be sure to get a few snaps of yourself with the Hollywood sign. Built in 1923, this iconic sign is as famous as the celebrities that live in Los Angeles. While you can’t get too close to the signage, there are multiple vantage points that showcase its beauty.

If you want to make aquatic friends during your vacation be sure to visit SeaWorld San Diego or the Birch Aquarium. Enjoy a few shows at Seaworld or stroll through the aquarium exhibits. When you are done there be sure to see the extravagant land animals at America’s premier zoo. Located at Balboa Park, there are gorgeous gardens and exquisite Spanish architecture to see. San Diego is a beach lover’s paradise, with sand that stretch for miles. When you are hungry, be sure to try the fish tacos that can be found in abundance in the city.

If neither of those coastal cities interest you you will find the Hearts Castle on a hill that overlooks the Pacific. Located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the castle has 165 rooms and was a famous retreat for William Randolph Hearst and his celebrity guests. It is now a public museum that attracts guests from all walks of life to view Hearst’s private art collection.

Enjoy The Wilderness

When you aren’t too busy at the beach, you can enjoy the mountains and forests in California. Take a trip to Yosemite National Park to see the granite formations Half Dome and El Capitan. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, take a walk on any of the hiking trails.

While you are in California be sure to visit the home of the famous Sequoia tree, which can measure more than 300 feet tall and have a truck 100 feet wide.They are located in either Sequoia or Kings Canyon National Parks; located adjacent to one another in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Check Out The Desert

If you would rather enjoy the stillness of a desert and heat, be sure to visit the Mojave Desert to see Death Valley National Park. It is known as the driest location in North America so be sure to pack some water bottles.

California is full of mystery. Whether you visit the sea, the mountains, or the desert, you are bound to find a place that will change you.