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Spring showers bring in May flowers, and with that comes sprawling gardens and exotic flowers. If you are looking to travel during this time of year, know that no matter where you go you will find scenic views. May is the best month to travel, thanks to it being right after frosty winters and before the scorching summer.

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sao Paulo is the tenth largest city in the world and a hot spot for tourists. Even as you travel through the crowded maze-like streets, take a moment to enjoy the weather and architecture surrounding you. When you are in the city, stop by the Museu de Arte de São Paulo, where you have the opportunity to see its European painting collection. As you walk out of the museum don’t forget to appreciate the building’s Modernist architecture.

When you leave the city, be sure to stop at the Palacio Tangara for a quick break and some stress relief. The spa retreat has rooms impeccably decorated that overlook the Burle Max Park.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco is only a half hour drive from Nice International Airport. As you leave the airport and head into the city, you will get a splendid view of the coastline. As a racing enthusiast, you will know that the Monaco Grand Prix is held here in May. If you didn’t know, well now you know where to head to next year.

Yet, even non-racing enthusiasts are going to have something to do in the city. You can take a stroll on the beach or if you are not a fan of getting wet, head to the hills. This is where you can find berries and honey that can be collected.

Shanghai, China

If you want to visit China, you won’t want to miss seeing Shanghai. The high-tech metropolis is the location for a luxury dining and lifestyle experience. May is the perfect month to visit since it is right after monsoon season. The city offers many different 5-star restaurants, from the Capella Shanghai, which has a bar in the shape of a boat, to the Bulgari, a luxury destination aiming to bring a glamorous experience to its guests.  

Shanghai is also located near Suzhou. The city, known as the Venice of China, is a day trip away from the capital. There you can walk through the gardens, museum, and see art exhibits.

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville Kentucky is known for the Kentucky Derby, which is held in May. The recommendation is that you go two weeks before it begins to attend the festivals that occur before the race starts. If you arrive early, you can watch steamboat races, live performances, and the hot air balloons. The city comes to life during this month, and every event should be taken advantage of.

From Sao Paulo to Louisville, these four destinations offer more than a just a spring retreat. Soak in the views, enjoy the food, and take a break from your busy life.