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San Francisco is a breathtaking northern California metropolis with a reputation for rolling hills, chic locals, and vibrant cultural attractions. I’ve talked about what places you can visit in San Francisco here. Now the next question is what else does the city offer? Well, the answer is simple; the City by the Bay is full of decadent food festivals. The city has an array of festivals throughout the year that you should plan to attend.

SF Street Food Festival
Held in August, The SF Street Food Festival offers precisely what is in the title: street food. While some may consider street dishes cheaply crafted, they couldn’t be more wrong. The event brings together the community through food and rich cultural dishes. Every year there are 30+ chefs that showcase dishes. Noodles, crepes, and Spanish Paella are just a few things you can have. No matter what you end up eating, know that you will not be disappointed.

Eat Drink SF
Eat Drink SF is a well-known food and beverage festival that’s been taking place since 2009. This festival brings together some of the top-tier restaurants in San Francisco. There are numerous demos, tastings, and other activities held throughout the three days. The event occurs typically in late August and can see over 8,500 visitors. At this event, you can enjoy different dishes and drinks that are paired together by sommeliers and mixologists. If you are looking to sample the best food that San Francisco has to offer, this event is going to be ideal.

Fiera Dei Sapori
The Museo Italo Americano hosts the Fiera Dei Sapori, an event that highlights Italian cuisine. This event is free and lets you sample different types of cheese, pasta, chocolate, and of course wine. When you are done sampling, stay for the presentations that are held. The festival brings in writers and chefs to talk about creating gourmet Italian dishes. If you aren’t in a hurry, be sure to walk through the gallery at the museum.

Greek Food Festival

If you have a penchant for Greek food or just craving it, the Greek Food Festival should be your fair destination. Here you can try Greek wine, pastries, and Gyros. Held in September, this old and prestigious event showcases Greek dancing and allows visitors to walk through the church on the premises.

No matter what event you attend in San Francisco you will have an enjoyable experience. What food fair are you planning to visit next year?