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Whether it’s during the summer or winter, the first place you want to travel to during vacation is the beach. With hot sand and crystal clear waters, the beach is an ideal location to head to if you want to enjoy your time off. Finding the perfect destination is key to a good time.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia, Queensland

Whitehaven Beach stretches for about 4 miles on the beautiful Whitsunday Island. With pristine blue and green waters and silica sands that are incredibly white this beach is perfect if you want to take a quick snap in the sand. Otherwise, if you want just a bit more seclusion look out for one of the numerous inlets that will give you the privacy you desire to read a book or get a tan. The beach is not part of mainstream tourism, so you relax and enjoy your solitude.

Bai Sao, Vietnam, Phu Quoc

If you need a location that also offers drinks, consider heading to Bai Sao which has bars on the beach and low hanging palm trees. This remote Vietnam beach offers white sand and clear waters, but with the added bonus of being able to enjoy a drink on the water. It is an ideal location to relieve stress from your everyday life.

Bingin Beach, Indonesia, Bali

Preferred by surfers, this beach offers some of the most amazing waves for thrillseekers. Surfers at this destination can see up to 8-foot swells a good challenge for many. If you would rather keep your feet on the sand, you can enjoy the low-tide periods the sea provides for a wonderful sunbathing experience.

McWay Falls, California, Big Sur

If you want a beach with a view, go to McWay Falls in sunny California, where you will find an 80-foot fall that leads into the Pacific Ocean. Just be careful; the location has jagged rocks that enclose the beach. If you do decide to take some breathtaking photos, ensure that you are safe when you do so.

Blue Lagoon, Turkey, Oludeniz

What this location doesn’t provide for nightlife completely makes up for in additional activities that you can do around the beach. Try your hand at paragliding on the beaches calm waters or take a boat out for a ride. Located 10 miles away from Fethiye, this beach is a national marine sanctuary. The marine life that can be observed on the shores and water caves nearby are going to be what bring you back every year.

Bamburgh, England, Northumberland

Bamburgh is home to both a castle and a beach worth visiting. Ripped from a page out of a fairytale, the brooding landscape and sweeping beach is an iconic destination.

El Castillo, Mexico, Tulum

For those that want to combine the feel for the ancient together with a beautiful beach, El Castillo is a seashore located just next to the ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization. When you aren’t playing in its clear water, take a moment to join the local dance festivities.