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The holiday season is a busy time for everyone. There are many choices that you have to decide on from who you are spending time with to what delicious holiday treats you are going to eat. Another tough decision that you have to make is what events you are planning on doing during the season with so little time. San Francisco offers many things that you can do during the festive season, here are a few things that you can do this winter.

Visit Union Square

A staple event to do during Christmas is to visit a Christmas tree. If you head to Union Square you will see a giant tree covered in lights, and decorations. Not only is the tree going to be docked in festive lights, but so will the square. When you are done enjoying the atmosphere take a quick stroll to Macy’s where you will be able to see rescue animals that you can adopt in their windows.

Every year Macy and SPCA join forces to get more animals adopted during the holiday season. Macy’s windows will have kitten and puppies in decorated rooms were walking pedestrians can see. You can also visit Stockton Street, which is closed to vehicles during December, and turned into a pedestrian mall. It is called the San Francisco Winter Walk, and there are light shows, activities, and shops that you can visit.

Gingerbread House

If you enjoy making gingerbread houses from scratch, then you will not want to miss visiting the Fairmont Hotel to see an actual gingerbread house built.. The house is built to be over 22 feet high, and 23 feet wide. The house has two levels, and the hotel takes reservations for the house in advance. Interested parties can book a private dining experience inside the house for 10.

California Academy of Sciences

Take some time this holiday season to learn how reindeer adapt to the weather conditions, and how snowflakes are created. If that doesn’t suit your interest you can try your hand at ice skating. They also offer quiz shoes, have music, and holiday performances.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags host events for many of the holidays. If you want a whole park that is going to be decorated and have many different activities to choose from you are going to want to go to Six Flags during the Holiday in the Park Series. They also have a light show on a snow hill, and you can watch holiday-centric shows.

These are just a few different things that you can do during the holiday season in San Francisco, There are a number of other activities or places to visit. Where will you go to this year?