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Being able to travel the world is an amazing experience. Meeting new people, enjoying delicious, rich food, and seeing new sights are all benefits of going to a different country. Yet, all trips do have to come to an end. If you are visiting any of these countries, be sure to bring home this popular souvenir so that you can always remember the fantastic time you had.

Italy – Leather

While wine may seem like the to-go souvenir for Italy, which is famous for their vast vineyards. The one thing that you should actually bring home is their leather. Located in Florence, the San Lorenzo Market is renowned for its quality leather goods. You can spend hours just wondering the market looking for the right thing to purchase. Scuola Del Cuoio, a store within Florence, offers items such as leather covered notebooks, belts, purses and even jackets.

Switzerland – Chocolate

Switzerland has some of the best chocolate worldwide, with certain brands, such as Lindt and Nestle selling exclusive flavors here. Just make sure that you bring enough to last you a while, and that you are careful when packing them for the trip back home.

India – Coconut Silk

If you are visiting the lively, bustling country of India, one thing that you cannot leave without would be coconut silk. Located throughout the country you will be able to find beautiful sarees and pashmina scarves. If you are unable to choose what to take home of those two items, take home what it is made of instead. Coconut silk, which is known to be one of the finest fabrics over around, is what is typically used to make the scarves.

Russia – Matryoshka (Nesting Dolls)

Matryoshka are beautiful in craftsmanship and very popular figurines. These dolls which come in a set are usually 5 or more and identical in design. Each doll shrinks in size so that they can fit within each other.

Norway – Knit Wool Sweater

Norway is home to Dale of Norway a company known to handcraft wool sweaters. Established in Dale since the late 1800s, their wool sweaters are intricate in design and very good at keeping you warm no matter how cold it is.

Hungary – Embroidered Tablecloths

Every household uses tablecloths whether for decoration on their tables or to eat over. Embroidered tablecloths are an excellent gift for friends, or to decorate your home. You will typically see floral arrangements as designs on the tablecloths.

Ireland – Whiskey Stones

Yes, you can get whiskey from Ireland, but why not getting something that will last longer. Whiskey stones keep whiskey at the right temperature to drink it without reducing the taste by diluting it with water. Located on the west coast of Ireland, you will be able to visit Connemara, where you can find stone made from rare marble that can only be obtained there.

Around the world Postcards 

Postcards are easy to obtain from anywhere you go. All street shops are going to have some rack that you will be able to search through to find the perfect card to take home. They are light, and cheap, with the only worry being to keep them dry. You will be able to collect them from anywhere you go, while still being able to bring a piece of the country home.

Whether you are bringing a gift home for a friend or buying yourself a gift, these are all going to be very good options. Just make sure that you have room in your luggage before making any purchases. It is never fun buying more than you can take home.