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One of the worst feelings that you can experience is the one that you get as you pass through airport security realizing that you forgot to pack something for your trip. The sense of dread as you remember about the one thing you told yourself not to forget as you left your place. You can picture it neatly sitting right on the kitchen counter. It might be too late to go back for it, but if it is one of these items, don’t even bother buying it at the airport. If you do, know that it will cost you more than it would typically sell for. Since you are at it, skip the services that are mentioned on the list too, because they are just as overpriced.

Electronic Accessories

If you happen to forget your headphones or even your charger you are better off waiting to buy them at your destination. According to DealNews, which is an online shopping comparison site, “…electronics are, on average 34% more expensive at the airport.” If you want to avoid paying that amount, put your electronics in your bag first, so you don’t forget. Otherwise, take the time to explore the airport, and see if there is anything you can do for free.

Comfort Accessories

Any item that would bring you comfort on a plane should be avoided, that includes sleep masks, blankets, and yes for sure that neck pillow! While it may seem tempting to buy one, Arik Kislin, the co-owner of Gansevoort Hotel advises against doing so. “The ones they sell in the airport are overpriced and have been touched and tried on by many travelers walking through the airport.” You can bet that they have not been sanitized since they were placed out for the public. If that reason isn’t enough to stop you, know that you can buy one at a local store for a lot cheaper when you land.


When you are planning a trip overseas, don’t forget to take cash with you. It is recommended that you exchange money at your bank or use a credit card with a low foreign transaction fee. If you do it at the airport, you are going to get hit with hefty fees at the currency exchange booths.


If you are planning a trip soon, you are going to need to find a place to park your car. Skip using the airport parking lot unless you want to pay way more for a spot in the garage. In 2015, parking and transportation was almost 41% of the revenue that airports received in North American. While it is convenient to park at the airport take an Uber or Lyft if you want to be cost-effective.


Some airports do offer free wi-fi, but not all do. If you are taking a trip soon, and you happen to see that the airport has pay-to-use wi-fi. The safe bet is to skip it. Just because it is offered doesn’t mean that it is going to be any good. As a prior full-time traveler, Coleman Collins mentions the airport wi-fi is “slow and horrifically overpriced.” Instead, you should take the opportunity that was given to you to read a book or spend quality time with the people you are traveling with.

Don’t let overpriced products or services at the airport ruin your next trip. If you want to purchase any of the things on this list, just skip it. Otherwise, you will end up paying way too much.