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Tamara Cooksey

People Operations and HR Leader


About Tamara Cooksey

Tamara Cooksey prides herself on having become a results-driven Human Resources leader who possesses strong leadership and relationship-building skills. Big on creative-problem solving, she utilizes these skills to acquire talent, develop company culture and employee engagement, and above all, help others succeed.

Since graduating in 2008 from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Cooksey has proven herself to be a dedicated employee eager to take part in bettering her company. Her first job post-university was as a Field Sales Support Representative for Embarcadero Technologies. Here, Cooksey was employed as an inside sales support representative for an outside account managers. She provided lead generation by prospecting new accounts and following up on target campaigns, as well as assisting customers and resellers with any issues that arose.

Tamara Cooksey moved on to become a Sales Recruiter for ProSearch Associates from there, took a position at Badgeville, Inc., as their Lead Recruiter. With her time at both of these companies, Cooksey focused her efforts on finding viable candidates who would best fit the organization’s needs and utilized multiple sources to do so. She managed job requisitions, interviewed and worked with applicants through the entire hiring process. As Leader Recruiter, her responsibilities expanded to developing recruitment strategies for the top talent across all departments, designed the employee brand and developed and implemented the interviewing and hiring processes in both the California and New York offices.

Her recent position as Vice President of People Operations at a performance management company, which she was a founding member of, gave her invaluable experience. Given that Cooksey helped in building the business from the ground up, she wore many different hats to ensure the company’s success.

With her team, Tamara Cooksey developed and drove the company’s key people and culture programs, including diversity and inclusion, goal setting and performance management. Cooksey also worked on developing a leadership development program for managers, which included training on topics such as feedback, coaching, and conflict resolution. She rolled out career leveling, mapping, and titling, managed hiring targets, and benefits, as well as took on day-to-day tasks, like employee inquiries. Cooksey frequently reported employees Key Performance Indicators to board of directors in order to benefit the business. These skills now help her immensely in her new role as the Head of People Operations for Grabr Inc.

Among her other skills, Cooksey completed MAP Leadership Training and is in the process of obtaining her Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) certification, which demonstrates her level of professionalism and knowledge of human resources strategies. Cooksey is always looking for ways to improve her leadership abilities and expand her skill set.

In her spare times, Tamara loves living a healthy lifestyle and traveling. She also enjoys sharing her experiences with others. This blog is a place for Tamara to muse on fitness trends, travel tales and balancing work and life.

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